Jenn Gondek

First, thanks for listening! I’ve dreamed of being a radio DJ since I was a kid. I remember setting up my cassette recorder and pretending that I had my own show, playing all my favorite songs. Even as a kid there was a lot of Alice Cooper in that mix. Fast forward to present day, and I am so thrilled to be sharing my passion for rock and heavy metal with you.

I grew up on classic rock, both of my parents are Alice Cooper fans, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Alice Cooper’s music changed my life. Alice’s music gave me the strength to be myself, especially while being bullied in school for being “different.” Alice was also my gateway into all things dark and mysterious.

I am a passionate (and opinionated) metalhead. I enjoy everything from power metal to death metal, but my real love is black metal. Some of my favorite bands include Mayhem, Beherit, Carpathian Forest and Dissection.

I am also a belly dancer (yes you can belly dance to metal) and enjoying performing throughout New England. I am an avid gamer and spend my free time playing video games with my boyfriend Rick.
Feel free to drop me a line. I love talking about music and games!

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 03:00pm - 07:00pm Afternoon Show